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Drama: South Korean
Total Episodes: 05
Duration: 50 min.
Content Rating: 15+
Aired: Jan 24, 2020 – Feb 21, 2020
Also Known as: Blue Moon , ekseuekseu , 블루문
Genres: Business, Romance, Life, Drama


In the heart of XX bar, Yoon Na Na stands as a luminary bartender, revered by patrons and cherished as the maestro behind the counter. Her role as head bartender is not just a job; it’s her canvas for self-expression. She paints her passion throughout XX, curating menus and crafting the very ambiance that makes the place special. Her ultimate dream? To claim XX as her own, to be its master.
But destiny is a mischievous artist, and one fateful day, the winds of change sweep in with Lee Roo Mi, the bar’s new owner. Five years have passed since the inseparable bonds of friendship united these two women, and in those years, something unspoken cast a shadow over their relationship. Yoon Na Na harbors unresolved grievances against Lee Roo Mi, a web of hurt and resentment intricately woven.
Now, Lee Roo Mi is determined to rekindle the warmth of their former connection, to bridge the chasm that’s grown between them. But rekindling the embers of their friendship is no easy task, as past wounds and unspoken truths stand as formidable obstacles in the path to reconciliation. In the hallowed halls of XX bar, a tale of friendship, betrayal, and healing unfolds, where the art of mixing drinks intertwines with the art of repairing broken bonds.